A Free ERP for Manufacturing and Small Businesses


BlueSeer is a free and viable alternative ERP

BlueSeer is a completely free ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package (no keys, no trials, no registration) for small to medium size businesses. BlueSeer aims to be the first universally free ERP with the singular goal to provide businesses with a freeware alternative to higher cost commercial ERPs.

BlueSeer ERP was developed for manufacturing companies who wish to customize and maintain their own software without the need for high cost proprietary support or the hurdles of proprietary source code. BlueSeer's design, toolset, and open source availability favor the large community of java and database developers to support customization and maintenance, and therefore is a serious contender for companies that are looking for better less costly software solutions. For more information, click the documentation link below.

Free ERP



Accounting module provides a double-entry General Ledger along with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable standard modules


MRP functionality is tightly integrated with purchasing, production, and shipping to provide you a consistent picture of your inventory status and order requirements.


BlueSeer provides Warehouse/Distribution modules to assist distribution and inventory between warehouses and shipping locations.


Production tracking and reporting are standard with optional reporting at all operations of the product or final operation depending on your needs.


Tendering, Freight Orders, and Delivery status are available functionality provided using EDI transactions between carriers and customers


Sales, shipping, and distribution are streamlined for simple operation with automatic ledger reporting and inventory usage adjustments upon shipment. A variety of charting and reporting is available for sales analysis.


Purchasing and Receiving modules are provided with automatic inventory adjustments and visibilty flags of pending inventory depletion issues


BlueSeer provides integrated EDI and barcode scanning functionality. BlueSeer supports the following EDI transactions. AIAG Shipping label formats are also supported.


The complexity of implementing an ERP, even a free one, can be a daunting task. We provide implementation services for companies who are looking to take advantage of free/open source software but need support in implementing all of the features offered. We also offer development services for companies who would like to expand or customize the functionality of BlueSeer to better align with their processes and requirements. For those companies that implement BlueSeer as their ERP, we also offer short term and long term support agreements tailored to the level of support required by the company. We also provide training and consultation services as needed. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding our services offered. We will be happy to assess your needs and requirements and provide quotes for any support, training, or development necessary for a successful implementation of BlueSeer.


Contact Info

BlueSeer is offered as a free ERP for the manufacturing community. If you have any questions or concerns or request for implementation services, please send correspondence with the link below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!