A Free Manufacturing ERP

BlueSeer is a completely free ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package (no keys, no trials, no registration...a truly free ERP) for small to medium size manufacturing businesses. BlueSeer aims to be the first universally free ERP for Manufacturing, and provide Manufacturers with an open source alternative to high cost commercial ERPs. BlueSeer was developed for manufacturing companies who want to customize and maintain their own software without the need for high cost proprietary support or the hurdles of proprietary source code. The popularity of the free toolsets, Java and MySQL, feed a vast community of available developers with the necessary knowledge to customize and enhance BlueSeer's functionality at a much lower cost than ERP's with proprietary bundled support and licenses. BlueSeer is free to use under the conditions of the GPLv3 license agreement.

Standard ERP Functionality

  • Accounting (Double Entry)
  • Distribution/Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Control
  • BOM / Costing
  • Scheduling
  • MRP
  • EDI
  • Barcode Generation/Scanning

BlueSeer Development

BlueSeer is a free ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) package specifically for Manufacturing. It is a GUI client-server architecture that can be installed completely on a local singluar PC or distributed over a network. The User Interface is a Desktop GUI application (written in Java Swing) and the backend database is MySQL. (Note: The 'demo' version uses SQLite for easier installation). Both Java and MySQL are freely available software tools and are available free of charge for most Operating Systems (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc).

BlueSeer's goal is to provide the basic components necessary within it's default installation for a manufacturing plant to operate. The core package is supported by a double entry General Ledger and includes modules such as MRP, AR, AP, Inventory Control, Shipping, Order Entry, Purchasing, Receiving, BarCode Labeling, TimeClock, and EDI. As with most ERP's, one size does not fit all. BlueSeer is specifically designed with the need for customization in mind. The free open source nature of BlueSeer translates directly into a lower cost of customization and ownership.