Linux General Information

Linux is an operating system that has many different distributions and flavors to choose from. Linux is freely downloadable and can be used to power a server, workstation, laptop, tablet or essentially any other device that has a cpu. Linux is a cornerstone of the free and open source movement with many freely available applications to install. There are literally hundreds of different flavors to choose from...some being more mature and functional than others, but each distribution is different and depends on the final design principles targeted by the developers and benefactors of the specific distribution. Some very excellent Distros are : Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Centos, and OpenSuse. A collection of information and links for most of the highly prevalent distributions can be found at The installs are generally straight forward and easy to use. For anyone on a tight budget and/or looking for a 'mostly' virus free operating system for your home or office...then you should certainly give one of the linux distributions a spin.

Linux Links of Interest